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Somebody mentioned that I should , at the very least, say "Hello" , before I assault your senses, or beat you about the ears for not paying attention.


  Now that that's out of the way, take off your blinders, develop a social conscience and step out of that nice little fairy tale existence, where the good guys where white hats and the bad guys get all the good looking woman. Where it can never happen to me, my child is too smart to do  that. WAKE UP, kids are being tricked every single minute of every hour, every day of the week. The perpetrators are getting slicker and slicker all the time. And don't rely on your neighbors, friends, or people in a crowded mall to protect your kids, when you drop your guard. A recent depiction on TV about how easy it was to trick even street smart kids, into walking away with a complete stranger, left me speechless. YOU must be ever vigilant. YOU MUST BE A PARENT.  Never mind the , I just don't have time in one day garbage. You took the time, and certain pleasures, to bring them in to this world. Don't you think you should take some time to help them survive in this world ?

There are only two things that are certain in life. Death and Taxes. For children, there must be a third certainty. The ability to trust an adult. This third certainty is under constant attack by those that would take advantage of children, for any reason. It matters not to me what the rationalizations are, for it is a dead certainty that a rationalization is an excuse, and an excuse is nothing more than an admittance of failure. There is nothing wrong with failure, it is the direct result of making an attempt at something. But when somebody fails at the most basic of levels, and causes harm to a child for the most base of reasons, personal gratification, then there is something inherently wrong with that person. Now when a civil libertarian attempts to gloss over such aberrant behaviors in the name of civil liberties, that's a real problem. Child endangerment is WRONG. Period, end of quote. Those that would protect the scum of the earth, under any guise whatsoever, are just as guilty as the perpetrator.

You're here now, whether by accident or by intent. It matters not, how you got here. It does matter that you go to the Missing Kids pages and make an attempt to correct a very serious societal malignancy. Follow the links, read the information, print out the information bulletins, anything at all is better than sitting there, feeling all pious and righteous, or worse yet , deluding yourself into thinking that this could never happen to me or mine. Wake up , smell the Roses, before they wither and die. Unlike Roses, Kids don't get to re-grow in the spring. Once they're gone, that's it .. end of story.

Still reading ... Click the button  .. it says Missing Children

I am a person of many passions, and few tolerances for the inane, insipid, or foolish but most importantly I have no tolerance for those that would come to my country and attempt to change it into something that is less than what it was when they arrived. I am not an intolerant person, although I will admit to my own personal sets of bias and prejudicial thinking. Having said that I must also warn you that I am fiercely loyal to my country and would defend it to the moment of ultimate sacrifice, should that need ever arise. But that is not the purpose or intent of creating the Canadian content that you are about to visit. I've included maps, a short AVI movie and as much information as possible to portray this wonderful country in such a manner as to make any person want to become a Proud Canadian .